belly good cafe and crepes: cuteness you can eat!

You know it’s a good day when everyone’s smiling at you – your boss, your co-workers, your spouse, your housemates – even the singer/guitar-playing guy in the metro station who, under normal circumstances, would only look at you sullenly when you pass by without handing over any change.

However, you know it’s a really good day when your food starts smiling at you too. Either that, or you’re hallucinating…badly.

Case in point:

Awww! It’s a cute little bird with a strawberry bow-tie! …I want to eat it. Now.

Now, I bet you’re thinking: Where on earth did you get THAT adorable little thing?

To which I reply – with a coy and knowing grin – What a great question! I got it at Belly Good Café & Crepes, conveniently located in the back of Japantown‘s Kintetsu Mall(All in one breath, of course)

However, the minute I’m finished with that sentence, you don’t even bother to answer – instead, you’re too busy zipping off in that general direction to get a deliciously creamy crepe for yourself, while sporting a ridiculously silly grin. Normally, I would applaud your enthusiasm. However, this time, I just frown…because you hadn’t offered to bring me back one. And that’s just un-excusable.

From now on, we are no longer friends.

But wait! What is zis? Is zis your vallet, I see? HAHAHA! Zis is your vallet! Hahaha! Hohoho! Muhahaha! Oops! Excuse my bad manners – I forgot to mention that zis place only takes cash. Hahahah, hohoho, hum hum hum!

No crepes for you! No crepes for naughty boys and girls, says Santa, no crepes for those who are selfish and greedy and –

Okay, okay. I’ll stop now. So I’m not that mean; I would probably lend you some cash. After all, the crepes here are pretty well-priced: most of the the combinations will end up costing you around $4-6, unless you decide to go crazy and get everything at once. But that should serve you right, you greedy little –

[The rest of the sentence has been censored for inappropriate language and use of gestures. Please look at the picture and listen to the sappy elevator music – and by that, we mean Rick Astley – while we wait for the author to get back her sanity.]

Happy Face Crepes! With many choices to make you even happier!

Okay, I’m okay. Whoo.

But wowzers! Look at all of those toppings! Naturally, the most popular crepe combinations here are the “happy face crepes,” which allows you to choose your own toppings (which are then arranged into super cute monsters/animals). However, the café also offers a variety of pre-determined combinations…including classics like “strawberries, bananas, and Nutella,” and Asian-themed combos, like green tea ice cream with red bean toppings.

But of course, I had to go with the happy face crepes.

They’re enough to melt your heart. I mean, just look at them!

A strawberry flavored…bear?

Yay, it’s my crepe! Featuring a scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice cream, a mound of fresh custard, and a soft crepe filled with yogurt and whip cream. And a little snowball..gnome? Dwarf? Hobbit?

Okay, so at this point, you’re probably thinking, Okay, great. Enough with the faces already. And the squeals. I get it: they’re cute. But what do they actually taste like?

To which I would then reply (happily now, because after my mini-tantrum, you decided to bring me along): Like chicken! Because everything tastes like chicken, you know. Duh.

(No, not really. That would be some really, really sugary chicken. Or some really, really funky-tasting sweet crepes.)

Rather, to answer you, I would more likely say: very yummy. While the crepes themselves weren’t that spectacular – they just taste like especially flat, squishy pancakes – the ice cream was super duper creamy and smooth and served at just the right temperature (and thus, didn’t melt in a matter of minutes!) Plus, the Asian flavors (Taro! Green tea! Mochi!) were simply delicious in their own right, without being overly sweet.

Now, I should probably add that it is true that you can easily replicate these treats at home with crepe batter, ice cream, and toppings for less than half the price. However, I’d recommend visiting this place at least once – if nothing more than to be pleasantly surprised by what type of happy face you’ll get. And honestly…how can you say no to this little critter?

Awww, he likes you! Although I have no idea why…

That’s right – you can’t! So run, run, run, as fast as you can…and don’t forget to bring me with you! (Because bad things will happen to you if you don’t. That’s right – you were warned).


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